Wednesday, September 25, 2013

AntlerX Reviews – Does It Really Work?

AntlerX Overview :

Deer AntlerX velvet shows up as an ingredient in a lot of the male enhancement products we review. It comes from the actual antlers of deer, and it’s supposed to help increase male virility because of a few key components of its makeup.  While it shows up in some male enhancement formulations, there’s a whole class of bodybuilding supplements made of the stuff.  These supplements have come into prominence ever since Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens was accused of using the stuff to help heal after a muscle injury.

AntlerX is a deer antler velvet supplement that comes in the form of a spray.  It claims to be the most potent source of deer antler velvet and as such, it’s capable of:

Increasing your lean muscle mass
Boosting your endurance so you can go longer, work harder, and end up with better results.
Increasing your strength.

AntlerX Ingredients : 

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  • New Zealand Deer Antler Velvet - a naturally made supply IGF-1, essential amino acids, zinc, chondroitin and glucosamine. AntlerX delivers one hundred mg per serving to maximize its effectiveness.
  • Zinc - assists in muscle repair and permits for proteins to be simply synthesized throughout muscle recovery.
  • Niacin - creates throw muscle mass by at the same time enhancing cell metabolism and will increase the absorption of carbohydrates. Additionally stimulates blood flow that additional aids in muscle recovery and tissue regeneration.
  • L-Arginine - supports blood and chemical element flow to the muscles. Additionally improves the system perform and reduces recovery time when work outs.
  • L-Carnatine - Essential in promoting the conversion of fat tissue into energy and promotes the expansion and development of lean muscle mass.
  • L-Glutamine - vital in repairing muscle injury, aiding with ill and reducing muscle soreness.
  • Caltrop - A natural booster of androgenic hormone levels. It additionally will increase energy levels, recovery time and, in men, sexual perform. Once combined with AntlerX's delivery formula cervid horn velvet, there's vital increase in anabolic activity.
The other ingredients in AntlerX conjointly assist you put on muscle:

Tribulus Terrestris is beneficial as a result of it improves the body’s own androgenic hormone manufacturing capability.  It causes ICSH to be discharged, communication the testes to supply a lot of androgenic hormone.
Amino Acids helps to the build muscle.
Niacin and metal area unit crucial to the chemical action that happens once the body creates androgenic hormone.

AntlerX Working :

Simply put, ruminant anlter velvet is that the fuzz that grows on the antlers of ruminant. It’s heavily concerned within the deer’s seasonal method of growing a brand new set of antlers. So as to try and do that, it's to be crammed with powerful compounds that move this method on. 2 of those square measure IGF-1 (Insulin-Like Growth Factor) and androgenic hormone.  These square measure each required by the soma to grow, develop, and perform, thus it stands to reason that a supplement containing these would assist you get in peak type.

 Advantages of AntlerX :

  1. There’s a ninety day a refund guarantee.
  2. The spray is convenient to use
  3. It’s got a better grade of and additional ruminant horn velvet than the opposite choices.
  4. There are extra health advantages prefer circulation, increased immune perform, fewer wrinkles, and higher memory.

Disadvantages of AntlerX :

  1. As deer AntlerX velvet is undergoing a lot of and a lot of clinical testing, it's turning into less and fewer clear that AntlerX has any profit.
  2. The AntlerX reviews on muscle building forums area unit all pretty negative.
  3. Its primary ingredient is illegal by many skilled sports and also the World Anti-Doping Agency.
  4. It’s not clear that IGF-1 taking orally has any profit.


There is undoubtedly some buzz and excitement occurring around AntlerX and what it will do for your workout efforts.  However, it's as if the analysis might not support the promotion.  Still, if you’re intrigued concerning the chances, AntlerX is also the one to do given the ninety day a refund guarantee.


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