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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

People With Back Pain Should Try These Sex Tips

Does back pain have to mean no sex? The answer is definitely a big NO. Do not let it take away you sex drive this could jeopardize your relationship. Remember that sex is need in a healthy relationship. There are many ways to go about the situation to get you back on track. You will first have to see you physician for treatment. You can enjoy sex and bring in fresh intimacy by exploring different positions. Here are some of the tips that will get you back on track:

1. Talk about the situation with your partner

With back pains you are limited for some physical movements. Talking with your partner about the situation will make them understand you. Together you can explore new positions bringing in more intimacy and love. Avoiding sex brings in emotional problems because your partner can view it as a rejection. Relationships are all about communication.

2. Don’t be in a hurry

Relaxing is a great remedy for the back pains. Don’t rush but take it slow at a pace that your back can allow. You can also consider a warm bath just before sex. Stretching as part of exercise before intercourse will help strengthen and relax you muscles and joints. It also improves flexibility.  A soothing back massage before sex will also get your back relaxed. Lovemaking is not all about the “intercourse” you can make it real and satisfying with kisses, caressing, cuddling or even licking.

3. Make your back comfortable with a pillow

Lying flat on your back can be limiting and uncomfortable as more pressure is exerted on your back. This can be managed by putting a pillow under the lower back, your head or knees. Just place yourself in whichever positioning of the pillow that makes you comfortable. You can also more pillows for your comfort. The pillow will help lower the pressure hence the pains.

4. It doesn’t have to be in bed

When it comes to the art of sex it doesn’t have to be in bed each time. Explore different places within the house. Your kitchen counter can do, you may also consider the couch. Both have a firm surface that will favor your back.

5. Explore positions that favor back pain

Before the actual intercourse sexual intimacy must have been developed. Your back will need some position that will not cause any pain. Here are some positions you should try:

  • Lying on your belly
If you can comfortably bend forwards you can lay down on the belly as your partner penetrates from behind you.

  • The spooning position
Spooning is a position for any type of back pain. It is for the both partners. Each one lies on their side. With the position the back is not involved and there is less thrusting.

  • You can do it in doggy position
Can you bend? If not then this position will be less straining. The woman bends and rests her palm or the elbow on the bed. The man then penetrates from behind.

  • Men can do reverse missionary
This is for pain surrounding spinal discs. The woman being on top will make it easier for the man at the bottom.

  • Missionary position for women
With back pain, especially around the spine, this position is good for the woman. She lays on her back then on top the man should support himself with his hand as he penetrates.

  • Old school standing position
This is easier for people who find it easier to be upright. Either partner can lean on the wall. The woman will have to raise one of her legs to allow for penetration.

  • You can do it on the beds edge
It is especially for men. If you have no problem bending forward. The woman on the edge kneels as you insert from behind.

  • Not to forget the chair position
This is for women who find the position comfortable, especially if they can’t lie because of the pain. The woman positions herself by sitting on the man’s lap with the legs on both sides and facing him. In the position the man can easily get in moreover you have eye contact.


With the sex tips you can satisfy your partner and have no fears or frustration in bed. The various positions will make your back more comfortable. Your patience is required as you explore for a good position that will favor you as it may take several approaches. Back pain has several causative agents; it can be from straining, springing or stretching of the muscles or joints. It may also be from inflammation around the spine. Back pains normally improve after a fortnight. If your situation doesn’t get better, seek immediate medical help.


Monday, February 1, 2016

Know Everything about Jelqing Enlargement Exercises for Men

Do you want to make it harder? Or is it longer? Then you are in the right place. Jelqing is a form of exercise used to increase the size of the penis by 2 inches and make it harder. And the good news is that it is permanent. Unlike other temporary methods like enhancement sprays, pills or methods like surgery. Jelqing has no effects on your body. Moreover, it is very cheap as compared to other costly methods. You can jelq wherever even in your bathroom. You know what? That’s just a glimpse of it read on for more:

How does jelqing work?

Jelqing is the actual physical activity to harden and increase the size of the penis. The technique was borrowed from milking. Jelqing works by forcing the blood through the penis shaft to heighten the pressure which in turn leads to the growth and expansion of the penis.

How to go about jelqing?

Start by joining the tips of your thumb and the index finger to make an Ok grip. Your penis has to be moderately erect. With the grip starting from the base through the penis shaft stroke in milking like motions. This is like pulling the blood outwards. As you jelq make the movement upwards, downwards and sideways to the right and to the left. Warm up by wrapping a wash cloth before the process.

What to put in mind when jelqing

The erection size of the penis. When jelqing the penis, erection should not be full or low. When fully erect the penis at this stage is so hard there will be insufficient blood flowing thus will not allow for the expansion of the penile tissue. Low erection also inhibits enough flow of blood required for enlargement exercises for men. The erection size should be moderate for efficiency.

There are two postures required to improve blood flow when jelqing. This includes either standing up or positioning your legs at a height above the penis while sitting. Different people will find either of the two postures comfortable. Both of them work in the same way that is increasing the flow of blood.

The jelqing grip matters a lot. You can use your entire hand for the grip but mostly the OK circle is used. You can make the OK by joining the thumb and the index finger. As you start to jelq start with low grip as you increase. This is to avoid hurting yourself. Your grip strength has to be consistent although. As you stroke the penis start from the base as you go up in milking like motions. Ensure you do not stroke the penis head. Jelqing motions have to be either upwards or downwards. You can jelq as the penis points upwards or downwards. As you jelq move the penis to your right and to the left to promote the extra inch development.

Your stroking movements have to be consistent in time. As you continue you can get tired which is normal and will improve as time goes by. Each stroke should take at least 4 seconds. Jelqing is an exercise and needs your regular practice. You cannot get your girth or length enlargement overnight. It needs time and consistency; make your stroke number 250 a day as you go up as days goes by.

Effects of jelqing

There are some effects from jelqing process but they are not a big deal as they disappear with time. At first most people will notice some tiny red dots, this disappear with time. They result because your penis is not used to the stroking motions. They are caused by bursting of the small capillaries. The spots should not get you tensed as they disappear with time especially as you get used to the exercise. Another effect is medium sized red spots they can also appear purple. These are caused by bruising as you jelq. You will require some break until the bruises improve. Discoloration around the mid-shaft may also be an effect on some people. The discoloration is mostly brown hence the name brown band. This can be taken away by extra efforts of doing massage and warm wrapping the discolored part. Before massaging apply some cocoa oil to lubricate. You can then wrap with the warm cloth and do the massage. Another option is therapy band, wrap it after the exercise. Make the wrap a little bit tighter to enhance reduction of blood flow around the areas.


Just like any other physical exercises including body building your patience, commitment and determination is needed to achieve your goals. But who can dare quit yet the results are so good not to mention the confidence and satisfaction in bed.


Friday, January 29, 2016

Why Physical Activity Is Inversely Associated With Erectile Dysfunction?

Is sex life and exercise related in any way? Well this is one of the questions that have lingered in the minds of many people for a long time, and answers are surely needed. This is because sex life in men is one of the hall marks of a great man. One with an active sex life and who can rock their partner out of their minds. But how real are such men, naturally? Well, sex life is directly related to the ego of a man. For a man to feel worthy to stand amongst other men, there is need to address this issue for the men who suffer from erectile dysfunction to if anything, allow their egos be boosted.

Studies have shown that exercise may well be the ticket that helps a man lead a more active sex life. In fact, exercise may not be targeted at the penis per se, but general exercise that has focus on cardio and strength training has been shown to have a positive input on the sex life as well. Research has shown even if mild activity is engaged in, however short the time duration, there are benefits that result. Exercise as simple as walking moderately for thirty minutes every week have been shown to result in lower incidences of erectile dysfunction. Now that’s a good sign.

Just how does exercise work to lower the risk and incidence of erectile dysfunction?

The penis acts as a thermometer that gauges what is happening in the other organs and organ systems of the body. This comprises of the brain, lungs, heart, liver, kidneys among other organs. Wayne Hellstrom an MD and professor at the Tulane University School of Medicine, New Orleans states that the key to the puzzle is the endothelium which is the inner lining of all blood vessels. The endothelium helps in the movement of blood vessels to various parts of the body.
There is a thick lining of the endothelium in the heart and in the penis, though the endothelium lining has much smaller blood vessels. Problems with erectile dysfunction as a result of vascular problems may be very well a pointer to a problem with the heart in the near future. 

To stay safe and on the healthy course, it is thus advisable to engage in erectile dysfunction exercises which help keep the endothelium cells nourished. This healthy endothelium prevents the risk of erectile dysfunction. The increased physical activity that comes as a result of exercise also helps in keeping the endothelium healthy, thus a normal heart and penis.

Exercising comes with other benefits as well as it keeps your blood free from cholesterol, a bad type of fat that has been attributed to the cause of most heart attacks as well as stroke. Doctors recommend that for men keen on avoiding impotence, exercise should be a regular feature in their daily regimen.

To get the best of exercise, it is advisable that you start off with something you enjoy as a form of exercise. Do you like walking? Well why not take a route that’s new to you as you enjoy your walk? Like jogging? Create an interesting route and target to finish it. You will feel great at the end of it all. If you are a swimmer, well you should get on with your thing and start off the exercise as fun. This helps tune the mind that in as much as the activity is repetitive in nature, you enjoy the repetitions.

Moderate exercise done regularly on a weekly basis has been shown to bear fruits quite fast, with experts showing that there is value to be seen within the first month and three months will show a lot of progress.  To spice up the exercise, include moderate weight training. In as much as aerobic training is great, resistance training has been shown to improve endothelial function. A mix of the two types of exercise can help improve a case of erectile dysfunction and improve general health as well.

Since erectile dysfunction is a condition that is seen in older men, age should not be a restriction. The older you get, the more invested you ought to be when engaging in erectile dysfunction exercises. Exercise also helps fend off the effects of old age.

It is also a good idea to engage in kegel exercises as these help exercise the pelvic floor and strengthen the muscles that control the flow of urine and ejaculation. In as much as these exercises are great for people recovering from prostate cancer or disease of the prostate, they have also been shown to offer value for men who seek to get a solution for erectile dysfunction.


Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Can Jelqing Naturally Enlarge The Penis?

Although there is the saying that size doesn’t matter size matters to a lot of men. Most of the time men are more concerned about their size than women are, even though women are supposedly the ones are gain greater satisfaction in bed if their partner has a large penis. This is because our culture puts a large amount of glamour on a male that has a large member. Though that has nothing to do with the amount of experience a man has in bed or the skill that he may have gained it is regarded as something that makes a man more desirable.

Some men who have average or below average penises feel embarrassed or low about their image. Many men will do almost anything to gain a larger penis. They will resort to taking pills every day, surgery, or exercises that claim to increase a man’s size. Jelqing is a penile exercise for male enhancement but how well does it work?

What is jelqing?

Jelqing is without a doubt the most widely used exercise for enhancing a male’s reproductive organ. The point of it is to get a huge amount of blood to flow into the penis in a very short amount of time. In other words a rush of blood to the penis. It is also mean to spur a higher division of the cells that are located in the penis. In order to make the process more successful and less likely to induce injury, the penis should be flaccid before jelqing and it should also be supplied with lubrication.

The gist of jelqing is that you pump the penis repeatedly with your hand in the position of an okay sign. So you need to form a circle by pinching your thumb and your pointer finger while your other three fingers are extended outward. You pump the penis repeatedly starting from the base of the penis and moving up to the head and back down to the base.

In order to see results from jelqing you need to perform the movement quite a lot. When you first start jelqing, you should begin with one hundred movements per day and work your way up to five hundred consecutive movements per day.

Does it work? If so, how well?

Most who have used this method only see a difference of about an inch or so. Even if you perform the exercise regularly you will only see a marginal difference in your size. Enlargement exercises for men are often looked at as a natural solution but they have limits. If you are really desperate this is a method that you can look to but don’t get your hopes up too high and don’t fret if it doesn’t work out.

Is there risk?

There is a high amount of risk to jelqing and all penile exercises for that matter. A male can do a lot of damage to his reproductive organ if he performs this exercise too vigorously or too often. Stretching and pulling on the penis can be very dangerous. With jelqing, you need to perform it one hundred times per at the least to see results and even then there is not a guarantee that you will ever see any results. This may come as a huge disappointment to men who are unhappy with their size but unfortunately it is the truth. This is a very sensitive organ and men can incur injury easily. This is why many physicians do not support these methods of achieving a larger penis.

While there is a chance that you can increase your size, there is also a chance that can do some real damage to your body. The practice of jelqing is also not backed up by any scientific fact only the testimonies of men who have tried a myriad of strange things to increase the size of penis by the smallest amount.

This can also lead to a compulsive behavior. For men who are unhappy and self-conscious about the size of their penis this can seem like a miracle exercise. It may lead them to perform this exercise for hours on end in an effort to see results, which can in turn lead to injury or frustration. If the possibility of a larger penis outweighs the many risks then this can be an option for you but you should think thoroughly about the risks before you start performing this exercise.


This option does hold some possible benefits for men who perform it on a regular basis but it does come with risks. If you do try this exercise do not exceed the recommended amount of repetitions, a max of five hundred times per day, and see a doctor if you incur any injury.


Monday, January 18, 2016

Anxity And Stress May Contribute to Erection Problems

To many men, this is a hot topic that is very delicate and that many don’t want to discuss or even hear being talked about. However, research shows that all men at one point suffer from erectile dysfunction or what is commonly known to many as erection problems. Experiencing erection problems at a point in life is normal. However, if the issue becomes too common and occurs for a long period, then there may be a problem. The good thing, however, is that when this condition is realized in the initial stages, it can be treated. What's, even more, disturbing is the rate at which this problem is being reported. In the yester years, people associated it with age. Today, it is a common problem that has ignited a lot of debate and research. Some statistics show that the number of men complaining of ED will double in the next few years. The major causes of ED and erection problem are stress, anxiety and lifestyle.

Worries that may lead to Sexual Anxiety
Naturally, sex is supposed to be an enjoyable experience. On the contrary, not many partners enjoy sex today. Sex has become just a routine, and there is no more pleasure in sex. The reason is that many people are more concerned about other things. Sexual performance has become a primary concern for many people. This is the leading cause of erectile dysfunction and erection problems. Primarily, worries are due to the physical appearance. The media can be heavily accused of having overemphasized on the need for a perfect body. Many men that feel that they are fat are always asking whether their size can allow them to do it right. This leads to anxiety to perform leading to stress and eventually affecting your erection. What many people do not know is that sex pleasure does not only depend on the physical look but the emotions.

Some of the worries that may lead to stress and anxiety include the feeling of inferiority. Many men may always be concerned that their penis may not measure up. They thus doubt their performance that in the end leads to stress because of the self-induced pressure to perform. Other people will be worried about body image. There are stories that you will hear that overweight and fat men don’t perform and have a rough time in the bedroom. If you have this worry, your body and emotions will be at stress and may lead to erection problems. Performance anxiety may also be a problem when you are having intimacy with a person that you regard highly. Your urge to please them may lead to anxiety that may affect your erection or lead to a premature ejaculation. For you to enjoy sex, you have to shut out all those worries. It may not be easy, but you can take on erectile dysfunction exercise to help you deal with anxiety and stress.

How does anxiety contribute to erection problems?
Hormones control sex and all the other body functions. When you are anxious and under considerable pressure to perform, the body gets into a condition of response known as fight or flight. This leads to secretion of stress hormones that are supposed to prepare the body to react to a threat or may be run for safety. Now, imagine the production of these hormones while with your partner. Your partner is not a danger and does not cause any threat to you when you are having sex. Therefore, when such hormones are produced during sex, then it will be counterproductive and will lead to erection problems. In most cases, the result is a weak erection that may be followed by a premature ejaculation. Men are encouraged to take on erectile dysfunction exercises to help deal with stress and maintain their sexual performance.

Again when these flight hormones are produced, the body starts preparing for an emergency. This demands for constriction of blood vessels to some parts of the body and massive flow is to the organs that are responsible for flight, hands and the lungs. When there is reduced flow of blood to the penis that is not involved in encountering dangers, the penis may not be able to erect properly. In the case you experience and erection, it will be a weak one and there will be no sexual pleasure.

Symptoms of Sexual Anxiety
In many cases, anxiety and stress may be caused by issues in a relationship. This may lead to the same worry if you are ready for sex or if you will perform at all. This may happen even if you are with the person that you have always found appealing and enjoyed sex with. The moment you start having such worries of whether you will please your partner, and then you should know that you could be facing a risk of erection problems. You can help prevent this by erectile dysfunction exercises that will help you keep your erection firm and suppress pressure.

Though stress and anxiety may occur as primary source of erection problems, it is always good to observe the diet that we take. At times, you may feel like you cannot perform because your body is deprived some energy. Some foods are also exquisite at giving the energy to fight stress.


Friday, January 15, 2016

How to Diagnose Men’s Sexual Health Problems?

Sexual problem also known as sexual dysfunction refers to any problem experienced during any phase of a reproductive cycle that inhibits an individual or a couple from getting sexual satisfaction during a sexual act. About 31% of men experience sexual problems but women report more cases. The good news is that most of sexual problems can be treated. So you should discuss it with your doc or partner although most people are resistant to have the open talk.
Reason behind Sexual Health Problems

There are a number of factors that health experts believe to be behind sexual health problems. They include:

Physical causes: There are several physical and medical conditions that can result to problems with sexual functions. Some of them are diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, neurological problems, hormonal changes, kidney failure, liver failure, illegal drug use, and alcoholism. Some medicines used in the treatment of mental diseases such as depression can also lead to men’s sexual health problems.

Psychological causes: are you too much stressed at work? It could be the reason as to why you perform poorly between the sheets. Other psychological causes include anxiety & depression, fear of infection, guilt, or past traumatic sexual experiences.
Examining the Symptoms

There are several symptoms which can reflect that a man is having sexual health problems. They may vary depending with the health problem and include:

Lack of sexual desire: you are not in the moods to engage sexually

Erectile dysfunction: you can’t maintain an erection firm enough to sustain sexual act.

Premature ejaculation: you ejaculate too suddenly prior or shortly after penetration. This can leave your partner unsatisfied.

Delayed ejaculation: it takes longer than usual before you reach an orgasm. Reaching the peak at between 3 and 7 minutes is good but if it takes longer than 12 minutes, it could mark a sexual health problem.
Retrograde ejaculation: on reaching the climax, the ejaculate is taken back in to the bladder instead of coming out through the tip of the penis. Although it is not a serious problem, it accounts for some cases of impotency in a good number of men.
Disordered orgasm: this refers to the inability by a man to reach an orgasm after adequate stimulation.

Peyronie’s disease: usually marked by a lump on the shaft of the penis causing it to bend at a sharp angle while erect.
Examining the medical history

To ensure you have a healthy reproductive life, it is recommendable to go for regular checkups to pick up early warning signs of a disease or illness related to reproductive health. Initially, your doctor will dig in to your past sexual experiences about the symptoms. The doc may then recommend other tests to rule out any medical conditions (such as diabetes, heart disease, depression) that could be contributing to sexual problems. You may be referred to a sex psychotherapist who examines if your condition is psychologically triggered. An urologist will be required if the doctor suspects that infections in the urinary tract account for your sexual problem experiences. Let your doctor know if you had past glandular problems or whether you ever visited an endocrinologist in the past. A clear examination of past medical history will single out the most likely cause to your problem. Be open with your doctor to help him/her come up with the most convenient treatment approach.

What are the tests available to diagnose Sexual Health Problems?

There are various tests that your doctor can deem necessary if you report of any sexual health problem. They include:

· Blood test:
it usually focuses to examine hormonal imbalances and presence of chemicals that can lead to the problem.

· Vascular assessment:
it examines blood flow within the penis. It helps in identifying of blockages in blood vessels delivering blood in and out of the reproductive organs.

· Sensory testing:
it evaluates the effects of diabetic neuropathy (damage to the nerve) and measures the strength of nerve impulses in a particular area of your body.

· Nocturnal penile tumescence and rigidity testing:
it is used to monitor the natural erections that occur when you are asleep. It rules out the possible causes of your erectile dysfunction — whether they are psychologically or physically triggered.

If you suffer from any sexual health condition, don’t panic or become hesitant to share it with your partner or a medical professional. Most of such cases are treatable although majority suffers in silence due to the fear of disclosing their private life information to health care givers. Others endure pain in privacy little unaware that changes in lifestyle, healthy diet, and exercise can go along the way in solving their problems. Since most of the tests the doctors carry in establishing the possible cause of your sex problems are not invasive, you should make it a commitment to go for regular checkups. Bear in mind that most diseases including sexual health problems are better solved when detected at early stages.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

How To Keeping Your Sex Life Alive?

Everyone wishes that they can sustain the sex life they enjoyed in most of their formative years. This is one of those places where you always desire to stand out from the crowd and be the one who people talk about. It boosts men’s egos when they are talked about, especially with being a sex stud. Maintaining that connection you had with your partner when you first met is indeed possible but requires some little effort. Below are some tips to get you one your way.

Of the common mistakes that men make in bed is being reserved on physical affection. Always be generous with affection and more-so the physical kind. Research has shown that touch makes both partners feel good and valued. It produces endorphins that are feel good hormones that make couples feel connected and calm when with each other. Limiting physical affection while in bed is quite a turnoff and should never be the case. To let you in on a little secret, men are in need of affection just as much as women do.

To keep sex life alive, remember the basic rules. Be thoughtful and learn what your lady likes. Seduce her every day by doing special favors and being attentive to what the lady may want. Be playful, humorous even. Be enthusiastic about your lady and try to stand out for her. This will improve your relationship to a whole new level. During sex. Always be as expressive as possible. This prevents dissatisfactions which could have been avoided had you opened your mind.

Another common of the mistakes men make in bed is being insensitive to their partner’s needs. Do learn to listen and comply with what is requested. If your partner requests you to go slower, do not take the cue to go faster. Listen because in so doing, you will be able to meet each other’s needs and be satisfied.

Make your partner your guide to what makes them feel good and valued.
As a rule, you should be responsible for your own orgasm. This does not necessarily mean that you focus on yourself to orgasm, not at all. What I mean is that you should take initiative and tell your partner what it is you like or dislike about how you do things. If you would like them to go down on you, do tell them so. If you would like them to touch an erotic zone which you have, please be free and let them know that. This ensures that you are able to orgasm much faster and enjoy it more. Using supplements such as virectin also helps in ensuring that one enjoys the orgasm more.

Of the common mistakes men make in bed, is making sex a one sided affair. This ought not to be the case. Always seek to have the woman enjoy the sex as you enjoy it as the man. In most sexual positions, the male orgasm is the main focus. Try to find various sexual positions that favor the female orgasm as well. There are various positions that allow for both clitoral and vaginal stimulation at the same time. Make use of them so that as you climax as the man, the woman climaxes as well. Some positions to try include the woman on top or the doggie style which stimulate both clitoris and the vagina. This makes sex a mutually satisfying affair.

To stand out, always be on the forefront of trying new things and positions while in bed. This ensures that things always stay interesting. Try various fetishes, changing the location to increase excitement and spice up the sex life.

To wind up, it would be a great idea to change the location as much as possible.  As one of the mistakes men make in bed is to assume that sex will be amazing by having it at the same place over and over. Well, the truth is that it gets boring after a while. Try to work on changing location such as having it in every room in the house, in the car, while at a friend’s bathroom and such. This keeps the spice alive and the naughtiness makes it all the more special.

Finally, make use of natural supplements such as virectin which will help you achieve rock solid erections and to last longer naturally, blowing off your woman’s mind. This will make your woman come to orgasm as both of you enjoy an even greater experience.