Monday, February 1, 2016

Know Everything about Jelqing Enlargement Exercises for Men

Do you want to make it harder? Or is it longer? Then you are in the right place. Jelqing is a form of exercise used to increase the size of the penis by 2 inches and make it harder. And the good news is that it is permanent. Unlike other temporary methods like enhancement sprays, pills or methods like surgery. Jelqing has no effects on your body. Moreover, it is very cheap as compared to other costly methods. You can jelq wherever even in your bathroom. You know what? That’s just a glimpse of it read on for more:

How does jelqing work?

Jelqing is the actual physical activity to harden and increase the size of the penis. The technique was borrowed from milking. Jelqing works by forcing the blood through the penis shaft to heighten the pressure which in turn leads to the growth and expansion of the penis.

How to go about jelqing?

Start by joining the tips of your thumb and the index finger to make an Ok grip. Your penis has to be moderately erect. With the grip starting from the base through the penis shaft stroke in milking like motions. This is like pulling the blood outwards. As you jelq make the movement upwards, downwards and sideways to the right and to the left. Warm up by wrapping a wash cloth before the process.

What to put in mind when jelqing

The erection size of the penis. When jelqing the penis, erection should not be full or low. When fully erect the penis at this stage is so hard there will be insufficient blood flowing thus will not allow for the expansion of the penile tissue. Low erection also inhibits enough flow of blood required for enlargement exercises for men. The erection size should be moderate for efficiency.

There are two postures required to improve blood flow when jelqing. This includes either standing up or positioning your legs at a height above the penis while sitting. Different people will find either of the two postures comfortable. Both of them work in the same way that is increasing the flow of blood.

The jelqing grip matters a lot. You can use your entire hand for the grip but mostly the OK circle is used. You can make the OK by joining the thumb and the index finger. As you start to jelq start with low grip as you increase. This is to avoid hurting yourself. Your grip strength has to be consistent although. As you stroke the penis start from the base as you go up in milking like motions. Ensure you do not stroke the penis head. Jelqing motions have to be either upwards or downwards. You can jelq as the penis points upwards or downwards. As you jelq move the penis to your right and to the left to promote the extra inch development.

Your stroking movements have to be consistent in time. As you continue you can get tired which is normal and will improve as time goes by. Each stroke should take at least 4 seconds. Jelqing is an exercise and needs your regular practice. You cannot get your girth or length enlargement overnight. It needs time and consistency; make your stroke number 250 a day as you go up as days goes by.

Effects of jelqing

There are some effects from jelqing process but they are not a big deal as they disappear with time. At first most people will notice some tiny red dots, this disappear with time. They result because your penis is not used to the stroking motions. They are caused by bursting of the small capillaries. The spots should not get you tensed as they disappear with time especially as you get used to the exercise. Another effect is medium sized red spots they can also appear purple. These are caused by bruising as you jelq. You will require some break until the bruises improve. Discoloration around the mid-shaft may also be an effect on some people. The discoloration is mostly brown hence the name brown band. This can be taken away by extra efforts of doing massage and warm wrapping the discolored part. Before massaging apply some cocoa oil to lubricate. You can then wrap with the warm cloth and do the massage. Another option is therapy band, wrap it after the exercise. Make the wrap a little bit tighter to enhance reduction of blood flow around the areas.


Just like any other physical exercises including body building your patience, commitment and determination is needed to achieve your goals. But who can dare quit yet the results are so good not to mention the confidence and satisfaction in bed.



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