Tuesday, February 2, 2016

People With Back Pain Should Try These Sex Tips

Does back pain have to mean no sex? The answer is definitely a big NO. Do not let it take away you sex drive this could jeopardize your relationship. Remember that sex is need in a healthy relationship. There are many ways to go about the situation to get you back on track. You will first have to see you physician for treatment. You can enjoy sex and bring in fresh intimacy by exploring different positions. Here are some of the tips that will get you back on track:

1. Talk about the situation with your partner

With back pains you are limited for some physical movements. Talking with your partner about the situation will make them understand you. Together you can explore new positions bringing in more intimacy and love. Avoiding sex brings in emotional problems because your partner can view it as a rejection. Relationships are all about communication.

2. Don’t be in a hurry

Relaxing is a great remedy for the back pains. Don’t rush but take it slow at a pace that your back can allow. You can also consider a warm bath just before sex. Stretching as part of exercise before intercourse will help strengthen and relax you muscles and joints. It also improves flexibility.  A soothing back massage before sex will also get your back relaxed. Lovemaking is not all about the “intercourse” you can make it real and satisfying with kisses, caressing, cuddling or even licking.

3. Make your back comfortable with a pillow

Lying flat on your back can be limiting and uncomfortable as more pressure is exerted on your back. This can be managed by putting a pillow under the lower back, your head or knees. Just place yourself in whichever positioning of the pillow that makes you comfortable. You can also more pillows for your comfort. The pillow will help lower the pressure hence the pains.

4. It doesn’t have to be in bed

When it comes to the art of sex it doesn’t have to be in bed each time. Explore different places within the house. Your kitchen counter can do, you may also consider the couch. Both have a firm surface that will favor your back.

5. Explore positions that favor back pain

Before the actual intercourse sexual intimacy must have been developed. Your back will need some position that will not cause any pain. Here are some positions you should try:

  • Lying on your belly
If you can comfortably bend forwards you can lay down on the belly as your partner penetrates from behind you.

  • The spooning position
Spooning is a position for any type of back pain. It is for the both partners. Each one lies on their side. With the position the back is not involved and there is less thrusting.

  • You can do it in doggy position
Can you bend? If not then this position will be less straining. The woman bends and rests her palm or the elbow on the bed. The man then penetrates from behind.

  • Men can do reverse missionary
This is for pain surrounding spinal discs. The woman being on top will make it easier for the man at the bottom.

  • Missionary position for women
With back pain, especially around the spine, this position is good for the woman. She lays on her back then on top the man should support himself with his hand as he penetrates.

  • Old school standing position
This is easier for people who find it easier to be upright. Either partner can lean on the wall. The woman will have to raise one of her legs to allow for penetration.

  • You can do it on the beds edge
It is especially for men. If you have no problem bending forward. The woman on the edge kneels as you insert from behind.

  • Not to forget the chair position
This is for women who find the position comfortable, especially if they can’t lie because of the pain. The woman positions herself by sitting on the man’s lap with the legs on both sides and facing him. In the position the man can easily get in moreover you have eye contact.


With the sex tips you can satisfy your partner and have no fears or frustration in bed. The various positions will make your back more comfortable. Your patience is required as you explore for a good position that will favor you as it may take several approaches. Back pain has several causative agents; it can be from straining, springing or stretching of the muscles or joints. It may also be from inflammation around the spine. Back pains normally improve after a fortnight. If your situation doesn’t get better, seek immediate medical help.





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