Friday, January 29, 2016

Why Physical Activity Is Inversely Associated With Erectile Dysfunction?

Is sex life and exercise related in any way? Well this is one of the questions that have lingered in the minds of many people for a long time, and answers are surely needed. This is because sex life in men is one of the hall marks of a great man. One with an active sex life and who can rock their partner out of their minds. But how real are such men, naturally? Well, sex life is directly related to the ego of a man. For a man to feel worthy to stand amongst other men, there is need to address this issue for the men who suffer from erectile dysfunction to if anything, allow their egos be boosted.

Studies have shown that exercise may well be the ticket that helps a man lead a more active sex life. In fact, exercise may not be targeted at the penis per se, but general exercise that has focus on cardio and strength training has been shown to have a positive input on the sex life as well. Research has shown even if mild activity is engaged in, however short the time duration, there are benefits that result. Exercise as simple as walking moderately for thirty minutes every week have been shown to result in lower incidences of erectile dysfunction. Now that’s a good sign.

Just how does exercise work to lower the risk and incidence of erectile dysfunction?

The penis acts as a thermometer that gauges what is happening in the other organs and organ systems of the body. This comprises of the brain, lungs, heart, liver, kidneys among other organs. Wayne Hellstrom an MD and professor at the Tulane University School of Medicine, New Orleans states that the key to the puzzle is the endothelium which is the inner lining of all blood vessels. The endothelium helps in the movement of blood vessels to various parts of the body.
There is a thick lining of the endothelium in the heart and in the penis, though the endothelium lining has much smaller blood vessels. Problems with erectile dysfunction as a result of vascular problems may be very well a pointer to a problem with the heart in the near future. 

To stay safe and on the healthy course, it is thus advisable to engage in erectile dysfunction exercises which help keep the endothelium cells nourished. This healthy endothelium prevents the risk of erectile dysfunction. The increased physical activity that comes as a result of exercise also helps in keeping the endothelium healthy, thus a normal heart and penis.

Exercising comes with other benefits as well as it keeps your blood free from cholesterol, a bad type of fat that has been attributed to the cause of most heart attacks as well as stroke. Doctors recommend that for men keen on avoiding impotence, exercise should be a regular feature in their daily regimen.

To get the best of exercise, it is advisable that you start off with something you enjoy as a form of exercise. Do you like walking? Well why not take a route that’s new to you as you enjoy your walk? Like jogging? Create an interesting route and target to finish it. You will feel great at the end of it all. If you are a swimmer, well you should get on with your thing and start off the exercise as fun. This helps tune the mind that in as much as the activity is repetitive in nature, you enjoy the repetitions.

Moderate exercise done regularly on a weekly basis has been shown to bear fruits quite fast, with experts showing that there is value to be seen within the first month and three months will show a lot of progress.  To spice up the exercise, include moderate weight training. In as much as aerobic training is great, resistance training has been shown to improve endothelial function. A mix of the two types of exercise can help improve a case of erectile dysfunction and improve general health as well.

Since erectile dysfunction is a condition that is seen in older men, age should not be a restriction. The older you get, the more invested you ought to be when engaging in erectile dysfunction exercises. Exercise also helps fend off the effects of old age.

It is also a good idea to engage in kegel exercises as these help exercise the pelvic floor and strengthen the muscles that control the flow of urine and ejaculation. In as much as these exercises are great for people recovering from prostate cancer or disease of the prostate, they have also been shown to offer value for men who seek to get a solution for erectile dysfunction.



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