Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Can Jelqing Naturally Enlarge The Penis?

Although there is the saying that size doesn’t matter size matters to a lot of men. Most of the time men are more concerned about their size than women are, even though women are supposedly the ones are gain greater satisfaction in bed if their partner has a large penis. This is because our culture puts a large amount of glamour on a male that has a large member. Though that has nothing to do with the amount of experience a man has in bed or the skill that he may have gained it is regarded as something that makes a man more desirable.

Some men who have average or below average penises feel embarrassed or low about their image. Many men will do almost anything to gain a larger penis. They will resort to taking pills every day, surgery, or exercises that claim to increase a man’s size. Jelqing is a penile exercise for male enhancement but how well does it work?

What is jelqing?

Jelqing is without a doubt the most widely used exercise for enhancing a male’s reproductive organ. The point of it is to get a huge amount of blood to flow into the penis in a very short amount of time. In other words a rush of blood to the penis. It is also mean to spur a higher division of the cells that are located in the penis. In order to make the process more successful and less likely to induce injury, the penis should be flaccid before jelqing and it should also be supplied with lubrication.

The gist of jelqing is that you pump the penis repeatedly with your hand in the position of an okay sign. So you need to form a circle by pinching your thumb and your pointer finger while your other three fingers are extended outward. You pump the penis repeatedly starting from the base of the penis and moving up to the head and back down to the base.

In order to see results from jelqing you need to perform the movement quite a lot. When you first start jelqing, you should begin with one hundred movements per day and work your way up to five hundred consecutive movements per day.

Does it work? If so, how well?

Most who have used this method only see a difference of about an inch or so. Even if you perform the exercise regularly you will only see a marginal difference in your size. Enlargement exercises for men are often looked at as a natural solution but they have limits. If you are really desperate this is a method that you can look to but don’t get your hopes up too high and don’t fret if it doesn’t work out.

Is there risk?

There is a high amount of risk to jelqing and all penile exercises for that matter. A male can do a lot of damage to his reproductive organ if he performs this exercise too vigorously or too often. Stretching and pulling on the penis can be very dangerous. With jelqing, you need to perform it one hundred times per at the least to see results and even then there is not a guarantee that you will ever see any results. This may come as a huge disappointment to men who are unhappy with their size but unfortunately it is the truth. This is a very sensitive organ and men can incur injury easily. This is why many physicians do not support these methods of achieving a larger penis.

While there is a chance that you can increase your size, there is also a chance that can do some real damage to your body. The practice of jelqing is also not backed up by any scientific fact only the testimonies of men who have tried a myriad of strange things to increase the size of penis by the smallest amount.

This can also lead to a compulsive behavior. For men who are unhappy and self-conscious about the size of their penis this can seem like a miracle exercise. It may lead them to perform this exercise for hours on end in an effort to see results, which can in turn lead to injury or frustration. If the possibility of a larger penis outweighs the many risks then this can be an option for you but you should think thoroughly about the risks before you start performing this exercise.


This option does hold some possible benefits for men who perform it on a regular basis but it does come with risks. If you do try this exercise do not exceed the recommended amount of repetitions, a max of five hundred times per day, and see a doctor if you incur any injury.





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