Monday, January 18, 2016

Anxity And Stress May Contribute to Erection Problems

To many men, this is a hot topic that is very delicate and that many don’t want to discuss or even hear being talked about. However, research shows that all men at one point suffer from erectile dysfunction or what is commonly known to many as erection problems. Experiencing erection problems at a point in life is normal. However, if the issue becomes too common and occurs for a long period, then there may be a problem. The good thing, however, is that when this condition is realized in the initial stages, it can be treated. What's, even more, disturbing is the rate at which this problem is being reported. In the yester years, people associated it with age. Today, it is a common problem that has ignited a lot of debate and research. Some statistics show that the number of men complaining of ED will double in the next few years. The major causes of ED and erection problem are stress, anxiety and lifestyle.

Worries that may lead to Sexual Anxiety
Naturally, sex is supposed to be an enjoyable experience. On the contrary, not many partners enjoy sex today. Sex has become just a routine, and there is no more pleasure in sex. The reason is that many people are more concerned about other things. Sexual performance has become a primary concern for many people. This is the leading cause of erectile dysfunction and erection problems. Primarily, worries are due to the physical appearance. The media can be heavily accused of having overemphasized on the need for a perfect body. Many men that feel that they are fat are always asking whether their size can allow them to do it right. This leads to anxiety to perform leading to stress and eventually affecting your erection. What many people do not know is that sex pleasure does not only depend on the physical look but the emotions.

Some of the worries that may lead to stress and anxiety include the feeling of inferiority. Many men may always be concerned that their penis may not measure up. They thus doubt their performance that in the end leads to stress because of the self-induced pressure to perform. Other people will be worried about body image. There are stories that you will hear that overweight and fat men don’t perform and have a rough time in the bedroom. If you have this worry, your body and emotions will be at stress and may lead to erection problems. Performance anxiety may also be a problem when you are having intimacy with a person that you regard highly. Your urge to please them may lead to anxiety that may affect your erection or lead to a premature ejaculation. For you to enjoy sex, you have to shut out all those worries. It may not be easy, but you can take on erectile dysfunction exercise to help you deal with anxiety and stress.

How does anxiety contribute to erection problems?
Hormones control sex and all the other body functions. When you are anxious and under considerable pressure to perform, the body gets into a condition of response known as fight or flight. This leads to secretion of stress hormones that are supposed to prepare the body to react to a threat or may be run for safety. Now, imagine the production of these hormones while with your partner. Your partner is not a danger and does not cause any threat to you when you are having sex. Therefore, when such hormones are produced during sex, then it will be counterproductive and will lead to erection problems. In most cases, the result is a weak erection that may be followed by a premature ejaculation. Men are encouraged to take on erectile dysfunction exercises to help deal with stress and maintain their sexual performance.

Again when these flight hormones are produced, the body starts preparing for an emergency. This demands for constriction of blood vessels to some parts of the body and massive flow is to the organs that are responsible for flight, hands and the lungs. When there is reduced flow of blood to the penis that is not involved in encountering dangers, the penis may not be able to erect properly. In the case you experience and erection, it will be a weak one and there will be no sexual pleasure.

Symptoms of Sexual Anxiety
In many cases, anxiety and stress may be caused by issues in a relationship. This may lead to the same worry if you are ready for sex or if you will perform at all. This may happen even if you are with the person that you have always found appealing and enjoyed sex with. The moment you start having such worries of whether you will please your partner, and then you should know that you could be facing a risk of erection problems. You can help prevent this by erectile dysfunction exercises that will help you keep your erection firm and suppress pressure.

Though stress and anxiety may occur as primary source of erection problems, it is always good to observe the diet that we take. At times, you may feel like you cannot perform because your body is deprived some energy. Some foods are also exquisite at giving the energy to fight stress.



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