Monday, March 9, 2015

Women Are MORE Likely To Cheat On Men With Larger Penises - New Study Claims

Women are more likely to cheat on men with larger penises, or at least that is what this new study claims to prove. The scientific journal PLOSOne published these current research findings, complete with much detailed information about the women and their lives. The research results and conclusions are causing some controversy, or at least discussion concerning main topic of interest

Does Penis Size Really Matter To Women?

Apparently it does, at least more than some researchers might have expected.

Modern societies pride themselves on being sexually liberated and more enlightened about such matters. Women of the information age are likely to say that size doesn't really matter, but love, romance and someone who cares for them is more important. Essentially, the size of the male penis is not an issue.

Not for sexual enjoyment and not for procreation, but what about this new survey? Does it show anything different concerning penis size that men need to know about? Well possibly, depending upon how you interpret the findings.

A Recent Study In Kenya Examined Women Who Cheated On Their Husbands

This research study used a sample of 545 women in the African nation of Kenya. The researchers gathered data over a six month period that revealed 6.2% of the 545 females had extra-marital affairs. All these sex encounters occurred during the same six months’ time, while subjects were part of the study groups. A fact that would seem to be convenient, but isn't being questioned by the researchers or the journal publishing the information. The number wives that cheated on their spouses wasn't extremely high.

A Grand Total Of 34 Women Cheated On Their Husbands During The Study Duration.

One study researcher told PLOSOne that the findings were very clear, "Surprisingly, a spouse with a longer fully erect penis was associated with increased likelihood of the women having extra-marital partnerships. From these results, every one inch longer penis increased the likelihood of women being involved in extra-marital partnership by almost one-and-half times."

If this is absolutely true, there may be more revealed within the research data. Analysis often reveals a more accurate understanding of what is being interpreted. For example, these conclusions would be akin to a man cheating on his small breasted wife because he likes big breasts and vice versa, but somehow the researchers feel they can already draw accurate conclusions.

The PLOSOne journal elaborates further, "Similarly, our qualitative data also support this finding. Women associated large penises with pain and discomfort during sex which precludes the enjoyment and sexual satisfaction that women are supposed to feel."

What Did The Research Results Actually Find Out?

What men and women want from relationships maybe different from culture to culture, but the battle of the sexes has always existed. No matter what, when women cheat, it's framed as the man's fault somehow. Ever notice that?

Those women who cheated on their husbands told researchers, how they disliked the pain and discomfort having sex. This was because their husbands had penises that were too large, although most described the males as having 5 to 6 inches of manhood. This hardly seems extremely large by standards in the Western world, but that is debatable. An odd fact is that men and women in the study groups were given a 15 inch ruler to get accurate penis measurements, presumably to be recorded for statistical purposes. That would be a lot of ruler wood to live up to, but scientific methods have their reasons. That we must assume.

PLOSOne did reveal a very interesting comment that reveals some of the actual results and makes their validity open to greater interpretation. As one researcher stated, "Other factors that increased the likelihood of women straying outside the marriage included domestic violence, being denied sex or denied preferred sexual position, being under age of 25 and a lack of sexual satisfaction."

Men often view having a larger member is a symbol of strength and sexual prowess. Women have always expressed a different viewpoint, but still seek out men that have these qualities, this contradiction is a source of confusion for many males. As it turns out though, when it comes to keeping women satisfied, bigger may not be better.

At least for the women of Kenya, this is definitely not true.


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