Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Easy to Follow Premature Ejaculation Tips

Premature ejaculation is not a young man's game, though some men like to think that it only strikes teenage boys. A middle aged man having sex with his wife might suffer from premature ejaculation as often as a teenage boy about to embark on his first sexual experience. The condition is one where the man lacks the control over his orgasm and cannot stop the orgasm from happening. The man likely wants to have more staying power, but does not know how to make that happen. Premature ejaculation tips are simple and easy ways that a man can delay his orgasm just a little longer.

Easy to Follow Premature Ejaculation Tips

One of the more common methods is the use of a condom. When a man is in a serious relationship with a sexual partner, he might cease using condoms because his partner uses another form of birth control. This often leads to a sudden outbreak of premature ejaculation. For example, a man has intercourse using a condom for several months or years. The condom dulls the senses during these encounters. Once the man switches from a condom to another form of birth control, the body cannot adjust to the new sensations and he reaches an orgasm faster. Using a condom is a simple form of premature ejaculation tips that works effectively.

Another type of premature ejaculation tips relate to sexual positions. Most men do not realize that by changing from one position to another can successfully fight the problem of premature ejaculation. Any time the man uses a position where he has the most power, he might suffer from premature ejaculation. This includes the missionary position and any position where the man is behind the woman. The best sexual positions are those that let the woman control the speed and duration of the intercourse.

Most men find it beneficial to take the focus away from the sexual encounter. One method involves taking a small break in the middle of the encounter. Stopping the intercourse or activity for up to 60 seconds can stop the man from reaching the orgasm as fast as he would otherwise. Other men use a technique that involves thinking about something else during intercourse. The trick to these techniques is to give the mind something else to focus on instead of the sexual activity. Men that use premature ejaculation tips learn how to control their bodies and make the encounter last longer. You can also enjoy a long relationship and increased your sexual stamina by using male enhancement products such as Megabol Testosterol 250, Vasoplexx, Beta Flo.


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