Thursday, January 14, 2016

How To Keeping Your Sex Life Alive?

Everyone wishes that they can sustain the sex life they enjoyed in most of their formative years. This is one of those places where you always desire to stand out from the crowd and be the one who people talk about. It boosts men’s egos when they are talked about, especially with being a sex stud. Maintaining that connection you had with your partner when you first met is indeed possible but requires some little effort. Below are some tips to get you one your way.

Of the common mistakes that men make in bed is being reserved on physical affection. Always be generous with affection and more-so the physical kind. Research has shown that touch makes both partners feel good and valued. It produces endorphins that are feel good hormones that make couples feel connected and calm when with each other. Limiting physical affection while in bed is quite a turnoff and should never be the case. To let you in on a little secret, men are in need of affection just as much as women do.

To keep sex life alive, remember the basic rules. Be thoughtful and learn what your lady likes. Seduce her every day by doing special favors and being attentive to what the lady may want. Be playful, humorous even. Be enthusiastic about your lady and try to stand out for her. This will improve your relationship to a whole new level. During sex. Always be as expressive as possible. This prevents dissatisfactions which could have been avoided had you opened your mind.

Another common of the mistakes men make in bed is being insensitive to their partner’s needs. Do learn to listen and comply with what is requested. If your partner requests you to go slower, do not take the cue to go faster. Listen because in so doing, you will be able to meet each other’s needs and be satisfied.

Make your partner your guide to what makes them feel good and valued.
As a rule, you should be responsible for your own orgasm. This does not necessarily mean that you focus on yourself to orgasm, not at all. What I mean is that you should take initiative and tell your partner what it is you like or dislike about how you do things. If you would like them to go down on you, do tell them so. If you would like them to touch an erotic zone which you have, please be free and let them know that. This ensures that you are able to orgasm much faster and enjoy it more. Using supplements such as virectin also helps in ensuring that one enjoys the orgasm more.

Of the common mistakes men make in bed, is making sex a one sided affair. This ought not to be the case. Always seek to have the woman enjoy the sex as you enjoy it as the man. In most sexual positions, the male orgasm is the main focus. Try to find various sexual positions that favor the female orgasm as well. There are various positions that allow for both clitoral and vaginal stimulation at the same time. Make use of them so that as you climax as the man, the woman climaxes as well. Some positions to try include the woman on top or the doggie style which stimulate both clitoris and the vagina. This makes sex a mutually satisfying affair.

To stand out, always be on the forefront of trying new things and positions while in bed. This ensures that things always stay interesting. Try various fetishes, changing the location to increase excitement and spice up the sex life.

To wind up, it would be a great idea to change the location as much as possible.  As one of the mistakes men make in bed is to assume that sex will be amazing by having it at the same place over and over. Well, the truth is that it gets boring after a while. Try to work on changing location such as having it in every room in the house, in the car, while at a friend’s bathroom and such. This keeps the spice alive and the naughtiness makes it all the more special.

Finally, make use of natural supplements such as virectin which will help you achieve rock solid erections and to last longer naturally, blowing off your woman’s mind. This will make your woman come to orgasm as both of you enjoy an even greater experience.


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