Monday, January 11, 2016

Yoga to Boost Your Sex Life.

In this modern day, a lot of people are by and by realizing the secret that is yoga and the benefits it possesses. With a myriad of benefits attached to it, you will realize that yoga is a gem you previously overlooked. For most of the known benefits of yoga include improved posture, better strength and relief of stress. There is however, one little known secret about yoga. It can greatly improve sex life; yes, indeed it can. Just how does yoga improve sex life?

When you practice yoga, you learn that you target various sexual zones in the body. Most of the yoga postures and activities work their way from or to the Mula Bandha, popularly referred to the base of the spine. It is at this point where the pelvis will be found as well as the perineum. Working around this region in the various yoga poses helps one be in touch with their whole body. This translates to an exercise to improve sexual stamina and thus resulting in better sex episodes. What comes of this is improved sexual intimacy and enjoyment of sex than before yoga.

If you desire to understand the causes of sexual problems, then the answer will most likely come from the spine, perineum and the spine base. Working around these areas helps one build core strength which is important in building sexual strength as well and getting better orgasms. Frequent practice of the Mula Bandha, which is one of the exercises to improve sexual stamina helps build pubococcygeal muscles which when stimulated in the pelvis help in increasing arousal and thus a better sexual relationship with your partner.

Yoga, on the other hand, helps one feel confident and better in themselves during sex. Because of the physical exercises engaged in during yoga, the various postures are focused towards increased strength of the pelvis region and increased flexibility, balance and strength. As you practice yoga more, you will feel that you are well toned in the body and thus feel much better about yourself. The better your self-confidence is so become your sexiness as you feel much better with another person during sex.

Since you feel better and are more flexible from the yoga poses that are practiced, you will be more at ease to try out new sex positions and get creative in a bid to improve the sexual relationship with your partner. The creativity that you bring out in the bedroom keeps sexual stamina alive. Since the causes of most sexual problems has been shown to come from the pelvis region, you can partake more yoga exercises to improve sexual stamina in this area.

Another common cause of sexual problems is anxiety. This happens when a man is too anxious to get the cookie that when they actually get it, they will ejaculate prematurely. To counter this, yoga has been shown to help the mind calm down. It has been shown to lower anxiety release physical tension as well as lower stress levels. This helps one concentrate better while with their partner and be more emotionally present as there is no anxiety. Most people report the sense of calm lasts hours after practicing it and thus reducing physical and mental tension and thus are able to give more to their partner.

Yoga also helps a person feel more sensual about themselves and when in a sexual relationship. Being aware of the sensations of your body makes it easier for you to communicate to your partner what it is that you would desire. This also helps in being emotionally available and being in tune with one’s body. Continued practice of this during yoga can result in increased sensuality in a sexual relationship.

Finally, yoga helps one have more energy and is thus the reason why this is one of the exercises to improve sexual stamina. With more energy, there is the ability to be present in sex and thus be more intimate with your partner. If you are better rested and sleep better, you will have a great sexual relationship and general wellbeing will result. What’s more, you may just as well meet a great partner while you are out doing yoga, so get the groove on…


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